Open Resources Free Machine Learning Datasets

Data is essential for machine learning. Without data, models cannot be trained and no insights can be obtained. Fortunately, there are several places where you can get free machine learning datasets

We have created a collection of free datasets for machine learning to save you the hassle of sorting through all the possibilities.

Many well-known machine learning frameworks can be utilized with datasets from the Open Datasets site. The datasets are useful for anyone looking for high-quality data because they are well-organized and often updated.

Kaggle Datasets
There is no better resource than Kaggle if you’re seeking for high-quality datasets to train your models on. You’ll be hard-pressed not to discover what you need here with over 1TB of data available and continually updated by an active community that contributes new code or input files that help build the platform as well!

UCI Machine Learning Repository
One well-known repository of datasets that is well-liked by the machine learning community is the UCI Machine Learning Repository. This research created high-quality datasets that may be applied to a variety of activities. Not all datasets are perfect due to their user-contributed nature.

AWS Public Datasets
There is no better place to look for massive data sets than the AWS Public Datasets repository if you want to use them with AWS services. Here, datasets are arranged according to certain use cases and include pre-installed AWS platform integration tools. The AWS Open Data Registry’s user feedback functionality stands out as a crucial benefit.

Google Dataset Search
The relatively new Google Dataset Search tool makes it simple to locate datasets from any source. It is simple to discover what you need because datasets are indexed based on a variety of metadata. Although the variety isn’t as wide-ranging as some of the other choices on our list, it is expanding daily.

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