Whenever Dog Owners Are Totally Responsible for Bites

One of the states that have “strict liability” dog-bite laws, which hold pet owners liable for the majority of dog-bite injuries, is California. It makes no difference if the owners were aware that their dogs had previously bitten someone when the victims file a lawsuit to recover damages. They are therefore unable to claim ignorance of the danger posed by their dogs or that they took precautions to keep them from inflicting harm. To resolve the case involving this issue, please contact our dog bite attorney santa ana.

However, the law includes several restrictions. Only if one of the following applies to the injured party:

was bit, and either “lawfully in a private location,” such as the dog owner’s land, or “in a public place” at the time the bite occurred.

Anyone performing a legal function, such as delivering mail, is legally on private property for the purposes of the statute.