These Are Things That Video Mapping Visual Artist Must Face

In order for the video mapping content to be produced to look magnificent, artistic and futuristic, visual effects artists combine installations between software and hardware. Software is usually used to create multimedia content such as 3D animation and also to combine a video with one another. All software or software that is often used by some visual effects artists is original animation software such as 3DMax, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Resolum Arena, Vegas Pro, and Cinema 4D. In addition to software, some Video or Projection mapping artists such as vjdxb Event Content Dubai also use hardware such as high spec computers, projectors with a sharpness of 15,000 lumens to fire the effect of content on a large screen, white robe as background shooting media and stage equipment. Hardware such as stage equipment and projectors is still rented to the vendor because besides being expensive, it will also take up quite a lot of space.

At the beginning of the business, certain visual artists only marketed their services through door to door to their friends, family, relatives and business relations. In order to build client trust, usually, the artists also create a company profile by using a catalog that has been inserted in a CD containing content from the creations that have been made. According to some of them, the method was considered effective enough to attract new clients. The target market of visual effects artists, in general, is all circles of individuals, companies, agencies or communities. But most of the clients who come are from large companies.

While running this multimedia stage service provider business, the majority of artists have never felt significant obstacles. Nevertheless, video mapping experts still encounter a few obstacles in the field. Usually, these obstacles come from technical problems as well as on the set-up stage, then the problem of sudden changes in the time of the event and also problems during the implementation of the video mapping, but it is considered by many experts as something natural to happen, so it does not become a significant obstacle.