The Impact of Global Warming on the World!

The impact of global warming is very dangerous for 선물거래소, as follows.

1. Forest Fires

The high-temperature rise can trigger forest fires.
This will make the forest bare and the resulting smoke will pollute the water, soil, and air.
In addition, the smoke produced can also be detrimental to health.

2. Melting of Arctic Ice

Rising temperatures in the air and the sea will melt the ice at the Earth’s poles.
The melting of the ice will increase the volume of seawater.

4. Clean Water Crisis
Due to global warming, the water sources in the ground will evaporate.
Additionally, these water sources will be contaminated, making a clean water crisis unavoidable.

5. Rising Sea Levels
Rising sea levels are caused by the melting of ice at the Earth’s poles. It can make small islands sink.

6. Rising Sea Water Temperatures
The occurrence of global warming is marked by an increase in temperature on the earth’s surface, including in the sea.
This can make the living things that live in it die causing an ecosystem imbalance.