Various Methods of Transport Provided by Current International Freight

Current International Freight is Company that specializes in freight shipping, providing a range of services to individuals and businesses. They offer several methods of freight shipping, including air, sea, and land transport.

Air freight is the fastest method of shipping, with deliveries typically taking place within a few days. It is also the most expensive option, making it best suited for high-priority or time-sensitive shipments. Current International Freight offers air freight services to a wide range of destinations around the world.

Sea freight is a more cost-effective option, with delivery times ranging from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the destination. This method is best suited for large or heavy shipments that are not time-sensitive. Current International Freight offers both containerized and roll-on/roll-off shipping options for sea freight.

Land freight, also known as ground shipping, is a good option for shorter distances or when the destination is not accessible by air or sea. Current International Freight offers both full truckload and less-than-truckload options for land freight shipping. One type of vehicle that can be transported via ocean freight is a car. Ocean freight is a viable option whether you are an individual looking to relocate your vehicle or a dealership looking to transport multiple vehicles.

In addition to these traditional methods of freight shipping, Current International Freight also offers specialized services such as hazardous materials shipping and temperature-controlled transport. They also have a range of value-added services, including warehousing and distribution, customs clearance, and insurance.

Overall, Current International Freight provides a wide range of freight shipping options to meet the needs of any individual or business. With their experience and expertise in the industry, they can help customers choose the most appropriate and cost-effective method for their specific shipping needs.

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